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Missed yesterday

Yes, the streak has been broken.  I did not post anything yesterday.  My head decided that a migraine would be much more fun than being able to spend time with my family and kept me in bed all day.  Since I don’t type well (or coherently) when my head is screaming at me, I took the day to rest.

I’m not proud or anything like that.  Actually, it’s been driving me crazy that I didn’t post.  But, I decided to do something for myself and try to get better.

Would have worked, too, if a large weather front hadn’t moved into our area and dumped a big storm on us.  My poor American flag that hangs on the front of the house was targeted by the wild winds and shoved to the ground before I could get to it.  Fortunately, Youngest Son went out during a lull in the wind and rain and retrieved it for me.  Now I’ve gotta fix (or replace) the bracket on the front of the house.  And my poor flowers that I planted earlier this spring but could never remember what they were until they bloomed and I sent pictures to friends have been beaten-down as well.  No major storm damages here.  Not even minor storm damages here.  But we’ll just say that flags, flowers, shovels, rakes, and other items left in the yard were fair game for the wind and bits of hail.

And my headache is back again.  I saw a thing today that said the “migraine rating” was going to be low.  Not sure how they figure that but it’s obviously not getting feeds from my head.  Time for more ice and a nice nap (as if I need another). *sigh*



Best of all he (Odin) liked to sleep.  Sleeping was a very important activity for him.  He liked to sleep for longish periods, great swathes of time.  Merely sleeping overnight was not taking the business seriously.  He enjoyed a good night’s sleep and wouldn’t miss one for the world, but found it as anything halfway near enough.  He liked to be asleep by half-past eleven in the morning if possible, and if that should come directly after a nice leisurely lie-in then so much the better.  A little light breakfast and a quick trip to the bathroom while fresh linen was applied to his bed is really all the activity he liked to undertake, and he took care that it didn’t jaunt the sleepiness out of him and disturb his afternoon of napping.  Sometimes he was able to spend an entire week asleep, and this he regarded as a good snooze.  He had also slept through the whole of 1986 and hadn’t missed it.  – Douglas Adams, The Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

It’s a long weekend and I’ve enjoyed quite a nice, long nap today.  I have to sincerely thank Husband and Youngest Son for allowing me to sleep-in this morning.  Well, when I say “sleep-in” I mean that I did get up at my usual time to take my medications and let the dogs go outside for “walkies.”  But, while they went to yard sales I was allowed to crawl back into bed and sleep away a lot of the stresses from this past week.  I don’t usually do that, but today it was imperative that I do so.  Plus, weird dreams when I’m stressed-out happen and if only I could have filmed it.  I would have made a great B-movie (or even worse).

Voices are quiet at the moment….

Shhh!!!  We don’t want to wake them!!!

I feel crappy today and even though a few are still rattling around in the back of my head trying to get me to continue my postings from the past two days, the rest of the brain is not taking well to the weird changes in the weather and I’ve been switching from feeling hot and sweaty (from my own personal global warming) to dizzy and sleepy (which could be any number of reasons).  So, I’m quietly going to back away from the computer before the rest realize I’m here and try to relax today.

I’m sure those of you waiting for the rest of the story won’t be disappointed in the future — they’re not about to let me leave a tale unfinished.

Yup, brain’s still in there….

Finally home from across the state!!  Had to go there with Husband again to have an ERG and an MRI and the ophthalmologist wanted them done where he was so he’d be sure to get the results quickly.

The ERG is an electroretinography — they put six or seven different drops in your eyes; put electrodes on your face and a “wire” (feels like a hair) inside your eyelid; and make you sit in a dark room with your eyes shut for 20 minutes before putting your head into a machine and flashing bright lights into your eyes while constantly saying, “Don’t blink!”  Fortunately, the technician I had let me blink every now and then, but I kept wanting to reach up and move the “hair” out of my eye before remembering that it was supposed to be there.  And I asked what I was supposed to be looking at since I felt like my eyes were paralyzed.  She said there was a red dot at the back.  I saw three red dots and asked which one.  She said there was only one in there.  Wondering how this test is going to turn out….

Then I had to go down to have an MRI of my brain and optic nerve.  I’m claustrophobic and was not really happy that I had to be in one of the closed-style MRIs, but they at least put some good music into my headphones so I could listen to it instead of thinking about being a large person in a small tube and hearing the magnet whirl around and around.  It took about an hour and at least they confirmed that my brain is still in there, so I feel better for that.

Now comes the waiting game.  Usually, they said, the results are known within 24 to 48 hours.  With this being a weekend, I have no idea how long it will take.  I’m just gonna relax for the rest of the evening and save my energy for tomorrow night’s last theatre production.

G’nite everybody!!

Drawing a blank.

Nope….I got nuthin’ here today.  It was supposed to rain; it didn’t.  It was supposed to snow; it tried to but didn’t.  Went to weekly therapist session and didn’t accomplish much.  Started to do the dishes; didn’t get around to doing them.  It’s a boring, drab day with nothing inspiring me to write.  Of course, when you’re a depressed person and it’s a depressing day, you kind of expect that.

Maybe tomorrow will have something.  Right now, I’ll just give the ol’ brain a rest and see if something does come up worth posting.

Oh….by the way….I’ve got the “voices” tied-up in the back of the brain right now arguing over things that I “should” worry about but in all reality I can’t “do” anything about.  So, they can stay there for a while.  Or at least until they chew their way through the ropes.

Day 9: No post for you!

Geez….only 9 days into this thing and I’m stuck again.  Well, actually not stuck — my “voices” have decided to start arguing at night when I’m trying to go to sleep.  Each one brings up an idea for something great to write about or something that I should probably get off my chest.  Then I have the reminder “voices” that pester me about things I need to or should be doing instead of writing.  They don’t realize that they’re wrong, actually, because I should be writing since this is what’s supposed to be helping me feel better.  However, I’ve learned not to argue with them too much because they’re the ones that flip a manic day into a depressive one in a nanosecond and then I spend the rest of the day/week trying to explain to Husband and Youngest Son that it’s in no way their fault that I’m in the funk that doesn’t let me do much.

So, I’m not going to sit and try to really work-up something awesome.  I’ve been enjoying that my posts have been becoming more and more popular recently.  But there are things that need to be done and things I want to do as well as a lot of stuff I don’t need to do but I’m going to anyway.  Like taking a nap, or playing a videogame other than from the Lego series.  Or taking a nap because I’m not getting to sleep at night with the “voices” arguing until the wee hours of the morning.  Maybe I’ll take a nap just because I can.  Who’d have thought when I was a kid and hated having to take them that naps would become a favorite pastime of mine??

Oh, and tonight is the first night of auditions for our local community theatre’s upcoming production.  There will be a few posts, I’m sure, after the auditions are over and the rehearsals begin.  Always good material when you’re getting ready for a show!

So, short story long, there’s nothing to see here.  Clear off!  Go read some of the other posts I’ve written that you’ve not perused yet!  My brain and I are off for a bit of rest.

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