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Bloaty ate too much pizza….

I know.  It’s my own fault.  Was planning to cook dinner for the family tonight.  But, a tempting email came through the inbox and I just couldn’t help myself.

Domino’s Pizza offering 50% off any pizza if you order online now through Sunday night.

I remember when Domino’s Pizza was called the “Disk of Death” and other not-too-polite names.  Domino’s was awful.  Didn’t matter which one you ordered from — you were guaranteed a round thing resembling a crust with something on the top that you hoped was what you actually ordered, covered in a slime of cheese and floating on what grease hadn’t already soaked through the bottom of the box.

Now, however, they’ve gotten a lot better.  And healthier, if you can consider pizza healthy.

So, each of us decided to order a pizza since they were so cheap.  Youngest Son got a pepperoni abomination of some sort that could clog your arteries just by looking at the amount of meat and grease on it.  Husband made up a pizza he would like to have because nothing on the menu ever totally agrees with his middle-age tummy anymore.  And I ordered a Hawaiian pizza because I love ham and pineapple together.  We each made sure to get the super-thin crust pizzas so we wouldn’t feel nauseated for the next few days.  And by each ordering to our own tastes, we could ensure that we got what we wanted.  We each got enough of what we wanted and if there was any leftover it could be stored in the refrigerator for lunch tomorrow.


Only Youngest Son, who normally scarfs down anything not nailed to the table, didn’t finish his.  Husband and I both ate ourselves silly and soon realized we had none left for tomorrow.  It was good, though.  We both were very pleased with our selections and they were well-made and tasted excellent.

It’s just now, about five hours after eating it that the bloaty-ness sinks in….or out….or whatever it does.  It’s hot and humid outside and having not listened to my brain when it was trying to tell me that my stomach might actually have a message for me other than “Aren’t you going to eat the rest of that?” is the result I’m suffering now.  I don’t want to see another pizza for a while.  I don’t even want to look at the boxes ours came in tonight.  They’re like little talismans of shame to remind us of our sins.

I think I’ll have some milk and go to bed.  Maybe I’ll wake up and it’s all a bad dream.  Or, more likely, I’ll have pizza-dreams all night (the really weird ones about which every therapist hopes to sell a best-selling book) and wake up even hungrier than usual in the morning.


7 Ps Rule needs to include “Patience”

You know the 7 Ps Rule, right?  If you were in the military, I’m fairly certain that you’ve heard it multiple times.  If you teach school, you most likely had to memorize it during your Master’s degree classes (except they usually did the 6 Ps to omit the one “questionable” word).  And if you ever need to remember how to prepare for something, it’s one of the best rules to keep in mind.

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.

Yes, I know there are many different variants on this mnemonic device.  But, this is the one I learned first both from sitting through graduate-level courses when my parents were getting their Master’s/Specialist’s in Education degrees and by having military members in my family.  Over the years, it’s served me well.

However, today Youngest Son needs to add the word “Patience.”  More grammatically correct, it should be “Patient” as in “Patient Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” (deleted the objectionable word since he’s still not allowed to swear).  In a few weeks he’ll be celebrating his birthday and we’ve agreed to allow him to invite over his closest friends for a pizza party and then for them to go to the movies that evening.  The female guests will have to be picked up by their parents after the movie while the male guests can come to our house for a sleepover.  He’s been texting all of his friends today and bugging me for specific details, such as start time, menu, etc.

He’s forgotten that his father and I have not finalized any plans.  He’s also forgotten that he’s still grounded at the moment and if he doesn’t earn his privileges back in time there won’t be a birthday party.  His friends are all trying to arrange their schedules and make suggestions for things to do and ingredients for the pizzas but we don’t have anything confirmed at the moment.  Big shock for him and his buddies if it’s all for nothing!

I admire his desire to be sure to plan early enough in advance so that all of his friends have the opportunity to check with their parents/families to ensure if they’d be able to attend.  I’m just not happy that he’s getting their expectations up for something that may or may not happen.  Plus, the parents also won’t be very happy if they change their schedules around to accommodate something that isn’t happening.

Oh well.  Not much I can do about it at the moment.  I told him to be sure to let everyone know that nothing has been confirmed yet and that he’s just checking to see if they would be able to attend.  That way, we can also plan for how much food and how many tickets we’ll need to buy.

We’ll see what happens.

Sleepover Survivor’s Summary

Last night was hysterical!  Youngest Son had two friends over for his first “group” sleepover.  One of his friends wasn’t able to attend but the other two were more than happy to make up for the missing energy in the room.

Oddly, they wanted to start the evening by watching the DVD we have of this year’s school musical.  Youngest Son and his friend Leonard were both in the show.  Leonard was the lead actor and had not seen the DVD yet (the show was produced in November 2011).  Youngest Son, Leonard, and Sheldon were having a blast watching the show, telling backstage stories, and re-winding the action to see the goof-ups and other silly things going on during the performance.  Sadly, the student they “hired” to make the DVD only filmed one night out of the three productions and had a field day with the zoom button.  Let’s just say that if you get motion-sick easily, you do not want to watch the DVD.

After that we ordered pizza.  I made sure each of the guys brought their own bottle of soda or other suitable beverage because I didn’t want to go out and buy a lot and have a bunch of caffeine-laden sodas (which I don’t drink at all) lying around the house.  Three large deep-dish pizzas lasted a lot longer than I thought they would.  Teenage boys are notorious for scarfing-down anything that’s covered in pepperoni and cheese but there was still some left this morning.  After the pizza-snarf began, they decided that they wanted to watch a real movie.  Leonard had never seen Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope which just completely baffled me since all of the guys are pretty well-versed in nerdy/geeky genre information.

Quick  note here — you may recognize the names of Youngest Son’s friends from a television show.  They call themselves “The Big Bang Club” at school and each kid has a character and they even call themselves by those names.  They even added a female friend of theirs (as Penny) so they’d have the whole core cast.

Back to the story.  Since I’m also a huge Star Wars geek (seen the original trilogy movies over 1000+ times each), I asked if they wanted to see the awful 1990’s “remakes” with “added special effects,” the original theatrical version (my favorite), or the latest Blu-Ray release for the 30th Anniversary.  I was impressed that they picked the theatrical release.  So, I popped-in the DVD for them and waited for them to be amazed with the movie.

That didn’t take long.  Not the being amazed part.  The being interested part.  I forgot that teenage boys also have a short attention span and when it came to watching the entire movie, that wasn’t going to happen.  Youngest Son and Sheldon wanted to prank-call Penny because Leonard is upset he broke-up with her and they wanted to leave a message on her voicemail about it.  (No, I’m not kidding.  “Leonard” and “Penny” really were “dating” and have broken-up now.)  Then they each wanted to play with their Nintendo DS units.  Then they saw Youngest Son’s Chess 4 set and wanted to play that.  All of this while the movie is still playing in the background.  Husband agreed to be the fourth so they could play Chess 4 — a game designed, you guessed it, so four people could play chess against each other at the same time.  Sheldon said he knew he was going to be slaughtered because he and Youngest Son play chess at school all the time and Youngest Son beats him easily.  And he did again on this version — he wiped-out the other three players in almost no time.

After that they talked and laughed and watched the last minutes of the movie before the credits started to roll.  Once the movie was officially over, they decided to play games on our PlayStation 3.  We have some that are for up-to four players, so they each grabbed a controller and started playing.  After they tired of one they’d put in another.  Soon they wanted to play Lego Star Wars and took turns trying to play in co-op mode when only Youngest Son knew how the game worked.

Finally, around 11:30 p.m., I told them they needed to get off the PS3 and get their sleeping bags out.  They didn’t necessarily have to go to sleep, but I was going to bed and wanted to be sure that they got some rest since Leonard’s parents would be by early to pick him up for church.  Husband had already fallen asleep, so I went to bed to read while listening to make sure the guys were okay.  A pillow fight broke out between them.  Actually, to hear them tell it, it was a “pillows versus ‘bag of wet cement’ fight” since Leonard’s pillow was a lot firmer than the other two’s.  Soon they teamed-up and it became a pillow ambush.  They finally decided to watch Star Wars: Episode VI, Return of the Jedi because Leonard had never seen that one either and wanted to know why everyone thinks the “It’s a trap!” jokes are funny.  He stayed awake long enough to hear “It’s a trap!” in the movie and then drifted-off.  Sheldon fell asleep and then woke up and went back to sleep after the movie was over.  Youngest Son stayed-up for the whole thing and turned off the TV and DVD player when it was over.  I had already passed-out in bed after the beginning scenes had played.

I got up at 5 a.m. like I do every morning to take my medication and let the dogs out for “walkies.”  I could tell the boys had tired themselves out because there wasn’t a peep coming from the living room floor.  Either that or Cat had slept on their faces and killed them, but I was pretty sure that hadn’t happened.  Usually there’s a little snoring out of Youngest Son, but he was too tired to do so.  After going back to bed and getting up a couple of hours later, Leonard was awake and playing on his DS; Youngest Son was just starting to awaken; and Sheldon was still crashed-out on the floor.  I ordered them up and to get ready so that we could go out for breakfast at the worldwide-franchised evil clown fast food restaurant just a couple of blocks away.  While the kids ate, Husband, Celeste and I sat and had some breakfast as well while waiting to return the boys to their parents (who were to meet us there).  Husband said his coffee was McCrappy and realized why he never goes there for breakfast anymore.  Ever.  Once the parents had retrieved their offspring, we returned home.

Fortunately the guys didn’t mess-up the house and things were easily put back in order.  We thought about taking Celeste to the self-service dog wash a few towns over but they’re closed on Sundays.  So, I went and took a nap.

I remember the days of sleepovers at my house and going to parties at friends’ houses.  Everyone believed they could stay up all night and not have to sleep and sometimes punished those who did by dunking their bra in water and putting it in the freezer.  At least the guys didn’t do silly things like that at our house — although one admitted they wanted to try the “hand in the bowl of warm water” trick.  The only reason they didn’t was because Mythbusters had already proven it didn’t work.  Lucky for them.  If they’d tried it or if it had worked on my hardwood floors, there would be three “geeks” learning to sand, stain, and seal 79-year-old wood with their toothbrushes.  And I don’t believe there’s an app for that.

Dull, dull, dull: Part Deux

Another uneventful day.  I should be grateful, I guess.  Usually when my days are incredibly busy they’re not busy in a “good” way.  My job requires a natural/national disaster for me to be employed and it’s kind of embarrassing being the only person in a room cheering for a hurricane to make landfall so I can earn a paycheck and pay some bills.

I did supervise Youngest Son preparing for his friends to visit tomorrow.  There will be three teenage boys (including Youngest Son) “camped-out” on my living room floor tomorrow night watching movies and playing video games.  All of them are highly intelligent and easily bored if they’re not intellectually challenged.  Fortunately, being a parent and already having raised a child who’s now in college, I know that large amounts of soda and pizza will keep their appetites satisfied and the large library of DVDs, board games, video games, books, etc. will keep their minds entertained.  At least until the caffeine wears-off and they collapse on their sleeping bags.  I get to enjoy the “I’m not tired” protests during the evening as I remind them that they’ll have to get up the next morning and then watching them amble around the house like zombies because they believed they could stay awake all night.

There was some good news today from my Internet friends.  A “friend” of mine became a U.S. citizen today.  I only type “friend” with quotation marks because my friend, his wife, their family and I have never actually met.  We’re all fans of RiffTrax (from the creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000 — that’ll be another post someday) and we along with a LOT of other people have become friends over the Internet.  But I’m very proud of his achievement.  I have another “friend” in that group who became a citizen as well.  I’m not collecting non-citizens and converting them, but I’m glad of their choice to join our great experiment and now they’ll be able to become disgruntled with their government representation just like the rest of us.

Well, at least I posted today.  Some days it’s harder to think of a topic or something worth reading.  I’m pretty sure by the time this weekend is over I’ll have good subjects.  Oh, and Presidents’ Day has already been writing itself, so be sure to come back that day!

“We” are still in charge today!

He, he, he….”we” are still in control today!!  Kept her in bed all morning and into the afternoon.  As a matter of fact, “we” probably wouldn’t have begun a post today if she’d not had really weird dreams (Not our fault!  Honest!) and the family wanted to order pizza online.  Plus, she’s not staying in bed when the Super Bowl is going to be on TV!

So, maybe tomorrow you’ll get something really worth reading.  Today “we” just have weird dreams and a phone call from one of the lead actors in the play calling to say they can no longer participate.  So, “we” will be busy trying to figure that issue out the rest of the night.

Crap….Celeste is back and doesn’t look happy about her sitting up on the couch typing.  Gotta go!

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