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Waiting, waiting, waiting….

Have been waiting on phone calls all day.  I wish people would tell me exactly when they’re going to call and then call at that time instead of “after” or “around” a time.  That makes me end up sitting here miffed because I could have been doing something else but they’re the one who wanted to talk to me and asked me to be available.  Really not in the mood for this right now….

“We” are still in charge today!

He, he, he….”we” are still in control today!!  Kept her in bed all morning and into the afternoon.  As a matter of fact, “we” probably wouldn’t have begun a post today if she’d not had really weird dreams (Not our fault!  Honest!) and the family wanted to order pizza online.  Plus, she’s not staying in bed when the Super Bowl is going to be on TV!

So, maybe tomorrow you’ll get something really worth reading.  Today “we” just have weird dreams and a phone call from one of the lead actors in the play calling to say they can no longer participate.  So, “we” will be busy trying to figure that issue out the rest of the night.

Crap….Celeste is back and doesn’t look happy about her sitting up on the couch typing.  Gotta go!

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