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“Dallas” is still dull as dishwater….

Oh, the 1980s.  When not everyone could have cable television and even if you did, you didn’t have 800+ channels of crap from which to choose your evening’s entertainment.  Back then, people actually made plans around their favorite television shows.  Well, unless they were wealthy enough to own a VHS or BETA video recording machine to record a show for them, commercials and all.  No DVRs.  No commercial skips.  Watch it when it airs or wait until rerun season and hope the episode you missed is there.

I had to explain all of that to Youngest Son tonight as Husband sat on the couch (and for over an hour did NOT fall asleep!) and watched the new series of Dallas on TNT.  He was a big fan of the show back in the 1980s and wanted to see how stupid….I mean….good the modernized show would be.  Of course, when you get the old actors on there playing their old roles, you can’t help but remember what the show used to be and wonder if they can actually get it to be that good (or bad) again.

Now, I didn’t watch Dallas when it was on in the 1980s.  The only episodes I ever watched were when J.R. was shot (because, who didn’t watch that one?) and the one when Southfork burned.  That episode I was somewhat sort-of forced to watch because I was at a sleepover at a friend’s house and all of the other girls loved Dallas but I had no idea who anyone was other than J.R. and Bobby.  Oh, and I did see the episode when Bobby comes back in the shower — but that was a rerun many, many years after it originally aired.

So, I’m watching the show with Husband and it’s as goofy as ever.  Youngest Son asked, “Is this a male soap opera?”

Yes, Son.  Yes it is.

Nighttime soap operas like Dallas, Dynasty, and Falcon Crest were heavily watched by women but they were designed to get the men-folk into the sittin’ room to watch as well.  They weren’t as silly as the daytime soaps, but you still knew that every scene had to have someone looking off into the distance as if they’re thinking, “Did that cat pee in the litterbox?” (it’s an acting trick) while the camera either gets closer or pulls back before the scene changes.  Or before a commercial came on.  Or before another ad for the same show you were watching came on to preview the next week’s episode.  As if you’d miss it….

So, yeah, I’m not particularly thrilled with the new version of the old show.  I liked how they tried to keep the intro credits the same with the music and scenes of Dallas (Texas).  But, a neat intro does not a great show make.  I might give it a few more episodes before I totally write it off as a bad job.  Seeing Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy talking about what Miss Ellie did or didn’t want with her will is still interesting.  Goofy, but interesting.


Dull, dull, dull….

Pretty boring day.  Took medicine and then took a nap. Got up to watch TV and worked around the house.  Broke a tooth and went to the dentist.  Scheduled another dental appointment for next week to have tooth taken care of.  Made dinner.  Got a text that Step-Father fell and broke his lower leg.  Watched TV.  Tried to play videogame and got stuck within the first 15 minutes.  Ate dinner.  Watched Big Bang Theory.  Realized I’d not written a blog yet.  Got laptop out and started typing.

Pretty sad when you can sum-up your day in less than 100 words.  Oh well, not every day is going to be thrilling.  Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting.  Youngest Son has the day off, and he’ll be busy preparing for his sleepover Saturday night.  At least I remembered to post something tonight.

Drawing a blank.

Nope….I got nuthin’ here today.  It was supposed to rain; it didn’t.  It was supposed to snow; it tried to but didn’t.  Went to weekly therapist session and didn’t accomplish much.  Started to do the dishes; didn’t get around to doing them.  It’s a boring, drab day with nothing inspiring me to write.  Of course, when you’re a depressed person and it’s a depressing day, you kind of expect that.

Maybe tomorrow will have something.  Right now, I’ll just give the ol’ brain a rest and see if something does come up worth posting.

Oh….by the way….I’ve got the “voices” tied-up in the back of the brain right now arguing over things that I “should” worry about but in all reality I can’t “do” anything about.  So, they can stay there for a while.  Or at least until they chew their way through the ropes.

One month down, 11 more to go

January has flown by and given me an “interesting” month.  At least February is a short month.  It will help having that extra day in there this year so I can meet my goal as well as wish friends I have who were born on February 29th a truly “Happy Birthday.”

It’s been fun this month posting every day.  People have loved some of my posts.  People have hated some of my posts.  Sometimes they were the same posts.  And many of them have been largely ignored.  It doesn’t bother me either way how people feel about them or whether or not they’re read.  I’m doing this for myself and so far I’m liking it pretty well.

The hardest thing is coming up with a good topic each day.  Often something will happen and it gets my dander up enough to write about it.  Other times I’m reminded of something I’ve heard/read/watched and want to share it with those of you who read this.  The majority of the time, however, I’m sitting and staring at the computer trying to think of a topic that won’t bore you to death or be so incredibly dull that it becomes the most-read item on the blog and then I’m known not for my humor or intelligence or opinion but only for the most incredibly successful cure for insomnia published on the Internet.

I can only write about the dogs so many times and I’ve still got a LOT of the year left to go.  I’d write more about my family but I’m just not there yet and not everyone wants to hear every little thing happening.  And though my most popular articles so far have been about television shows, I don’t sit and watch television all day enough where I’d be able to comment on a really wide variety of awful shows.  And they’d have to be awful because all of the great shows have people writing and tweeting and blogging about them already.

So, thanks to those who have stuck with me since day-one.  And thanks to all who have shared my articles with their friends and brought new readers to my little corner of the interwebs.

Oh, and don’t worry….the “voices” are still there and still driving me insane and still keeping me up at night.  Fortunately they’re starting to try to schedule dates for certain subjects, so maybe the blog will be a little more organized.  But I wouldn’t count on it.

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