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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.  True, I’ve not blogged in ages.  So much for my goal….but the ADD kicked-in and I got bored.  However, it’s still open and I can blog when I want to now!  Yay for loopholes!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 13 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


Too frazzled to write

Been busy all day with working on my ERO case, taking Celeste to the vet, dealing with family things….  Just too tired to try to be witty or find a topic worth writing.

On the plus side, the Civic Center across from my house is showing Cars 2 on the outside of the building.  Free movie for me!

Busy! No time! Got to hurry!

Sorry y’all but I’m really busy today.  Have eBay auctions that are ending, ones that have ended and paid for that have to be packed for shipping tomorrow, and I’ve finally heard from the EEO officer and have paperwork to read and sign for him.

Plus I’ve not been able to get all of my playing with the dogs, television watching, napping, and all-around laying-about done today.  Guess I’ll do that tonight.  Maybe.  Or I might just brave the couch and see if it causes me to pass-out like it does the guys.

Gotta be ready for tomorrow — Youngest Son has his last junior high dance that night.  He swears he’s not asked anyone to go with him but I think he’ll find someone or at least hang-out with “the gang” while he’s there.

Am-Dram: Junior Edition — It’s Over!!!

Tonight was the last performance by Youngest Son’s theatre group.  They did a really good job and no one forgot too many lines or had to ad-lib much.  Everything ran very well and I’m very proud of my little thespian.

I’m also incredibly proud of Youngest Son today because he had been selected months ago by his band instructor to attend the District Band Contest and perform a solo and in a sextet.  He’s been really nervous about it and today was contest day.  The scoring scale they use is from 1 to 10 with 1 being the best.  You can earn a 1+ if you’re really, really good.  Youngest Son received a 2+ on his trumpet solo, just barely missing the 1-level score.  He also received a 1 on his brass sextet’s performance.  The only criticism given by the judge to the sextet was for the baritone player to remember to not overplay the French horn.  They did an awesome job!

Then in the afternoon, the rest of the band arrived to join those who were there for solos and ensembles and the entire concert band played two songs.  The group received a 1 rating for their performance.  Pretty good for a group that has never been to a big contest like that before!

At the moment, Youngest Son and Husband are at the Cast Party for the play.  I would go but I don’t know the family well and am not sure how they’d feel about having Celeste at their house.  I have no problems going to public places because she’s a service dog, but I don’t like to just invite my shedding partner into someone’s private home and there wasn’t time to coordinate with them on whether or not they have pets, allergies, etc.

But that’s okay — I couldn’t wait to get home to make this post!  I’m so very, very proud of Youngest Son.  It’s been a really big day for him!

Am-Dram: Stress level critical….

Just got home from last dress rehearsal for our production.  Not very happy.  Actually, there are lots of people not very happy at the moment.  Director came and helped bring in new set pieces early (which I greatly appreciated) and then left for the local school’s junior high band concert.  Myself, Husband, and another actor in the production all had to miss seeing our children in the concert because we had to be there for rehearsal.  I spent over an hour by myself trying to set-up the “stage” because no one from the community theatre “community” has volunteered to help with sets or props (except for the people in the show and I really, really appreciate them for that).  I tried to answer questions on why things were set-up like they were (I changed the arrangement of the furniture so people would get on-and-offstage quickly) and why we couldn’t have things we wanted and why things we had before we didn’t.

All I could do until the assistant director arrived was apologize and make-up answers the best I could.  I have no authority over the building we’re using and I have no authority on the Board to make decisions.  I even tried to placate the press representative (which we need because we’ve not had much advertising) into staying for just a few moments longer to get really good photos of the main actors who were coming in but a little later than we expected.

We didn’t finish the run-through tonight.  Lots of lines and entrances were missed.  I told everyone before the rehearsal that I was not going to be giving lines tonight.  I hope they all take the next day (we don’t have a rehearsal tomorrow and we open on Thursday) and review, review, review.

Me?  My Xanax and I have a date tonight.  And tomorrow.  And I have to see my therapist tomorrow, too.  I just want to get through Thursday — then I can deal with the new crises called “Friday” and “Saturday.”

Am-Dram is harder than it looks!

Well, the countdown has started.  Things are starting to fall into place, but many other things are still really in need of help.

Our first dress rehearsal for our community theatre’s play is over.  And we’ve only got one more to go.

Sadly, because it’s a play and not a musical, not as many people will come to see it.  We know that already.  When we did Seussical: The Musical in 2010, we didn’t sell-out any productions but we filled the theatre very well.  That’s because when you have a huge cast and the majority of them are children, you get all of the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, distant cousins, etc. lining-up early for tickets.  This production of Arsenic and Old Lace is adult-oriented and has no children’s parts.  For that reason alone, we’re not predicting a high turn-out for the show.  We’ll have people who come to see all of the shows and everyone who comes should enjoy it.  We’ve even censored the language (not that there was much of it to begin with) to make it a family-friendly show.

Because it’s going to be a smaller production, we couldn’t afford to use the main community center theatre like we did for Seussical.  It would be too expensive and even though I’m the technical designer/director for the show, the community center requires us to hire someone specific to run the lights and sound equipment, which is another cost on top of just using the theatre.  There’s stuff going on all around town and the school’s theatre wouldn’t be available and we even had to cancel one night’s performance before we started because of an event happening in the same place where we’ll be performing.  We’re using the lobby of the community center because it has a large staircase (for Teddy to run up-and-down) and it’s cheap.  The downside of it is that we (1) don’t have any theatrical lighting so everything has to be done either practically (with actual lamps and candles) or imagined, (2) the area echoes badly and the sound of some actors gets lost in the rafters, (3) the audience will be the edge of the performance area (and some performing will take place in the audience), and (4) other people will be coming in-and-out of the building and we don’t have any solid walls to keep external sound out.  It’s a technical nightmare — and could explain why I’ve been feeling bad lately.  If my name is on something, I want it right and as close to perfect as it can be.  This is not easy.

Another downside to community theatre is that it’s all volunteer.  I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy doing this.  Volunteering my time/effort is enjoyable for me.  However, I love our actors dearly but it’s not the same — you can tell them to be quiet backstage or to not go around the curtains where the audience can see them but that doesn’t mean they’ll listen to you.  It’s like herding cats at times.

But there are a lot of good things about doing this show, too.  I’m meeting people in town that I would never have gotten to meet otherwise.  We’re becoming a close “company” and having a lot of fun when we’re together.  Everyone is enjoying seeing each other and helping each other with their lines, props, and costumes.  Plus, with the exception of Eldest Son who’s off across the state in college, I’m finally getting to do a theatrical production with all of my immediate family members.  Youngest Son is helping-out backstage with props (because there are no parts for kids) and I even convinced Husband to audition and he will be playing Dr. Einstein.  It’s a fun activity to do together and I’ve enjoyed helping them learn more about something I’m very excited about.

Tonight was our first night “onstage” in our production area.  A lot of lines were forgotten.  Some actors were unavailable.  Not all of the props and scenery made it to the venue.  But everyone did their best.  If they keep it up for our last dress rehearsal tomorrow and into our production nights, we’ll be fine.  If they remember how excited they were when they first got the parts and deliver their lines like they did in our first read-through, we’ll be awesome.

Oh, and for those who don’t know, “Am-Dram” stands for “amateur dramatics” and, no, I don’t allow anyone around me to use the name of The Scottish Play.  I’d say “break a leg” but I did that onstage in college and don’t want to curse anyone else with it.

Youngest Son having a busy day?

I don’t remember having to be so busy when I was 13 years old!  Oh, I’m sure back then I thought I was the busiest and most important person on earth, but looking back I certainly don’t remember it that way.  Many people will say that our kids today are busier because there’s so much more technology and that they’re having more and more to do because of school, sports, and civic groups.

If technology was really the reason our kids are busier, then we should have been completely overwhelmed way-back-when!  We had to actually write our term papers out by longhand.  There were no computer programs to put together nice slide shows or do the graphics for us.  If you were artistically challenged, you dreaded any project that required poster board and magic markers.

Most days when Youngest Son comes home from school he doesn’t have any homework.  I remember walking home from school with a full backpack and my arms full of books so I could complete an evening’s assignments.  He brings home his trumpet and maybe a worksheet that he’s completed that day in class.  I’d be really concerned but his grades are high and he’s on the “A” Honor Roll each quarter.

Today, however, he was busy after school because it’s time for the Spring Theatre Auditions at school.  They did the musical “Aladdin Jr.” back in November and Youngest Son portrayed The Sultan.  He did a really good job.  Today he auditioned for a part in “The Borrowers.”  The director is not pleased that the latest Disney film happens to be based on “The Borrowers” and that the kids will try to imitate it instead of actually working on their roles.  Youngest Son paired-up with one of the girls that he’s friends with for their read-throughs.  Both of them auditioned for lead roles and I wish them the best of luck.  I think he only got the nerve to ask her to audition with him because her ex-boyfriend (who’s a good friend of his, too) is out-of-town and had already auditioned.

Tomorrow he’s got band rehearsals after school.  He’s been selected to go to the State Band Conference as a soloist and as part of a sextet.  He practices at home for an hour each day and is really nervous that the rest of his sextet hasn’t been practicing.  I told him that when he’s there tomorrow to play his best and if the other five aren’t as ready as he is, then to keep playing the best he can and show them that they need to step-up and get ready ’cause the contest is in April.

But even with these events and others upcoming in the month (as well as working on the Community Theatre production so that he has some backstage experience), he still has plenty of time to play video games, read lots of books, and surf the Internet (with parental supervision, of course).  People say kids today are too busy.  I just don’t see it.  Then again, I’m glad that he’s got time to do things he likes as well as having time to rest properly.  The typical zombie teenager is not a pleasant sight in the morning — Eldest Son was a prime example of that and I’d like to not have to deal with it again.

Not able to post myself, but auto-post helps me stay on schedule!

Today I’m in St. Louis.  As I mentioned before, I have a stupidphone, so I can’t connect to the Internet while I’m on-the-road like this.  If I were going to be staying here for more than just the day (and not being as busy as I expect I am), then I’d bring my laptop with me.

But, I’m also not going to be able to see well enough to type, so I’m creating this post on Thursday.  That way, the auto-post feature will kick-in and I’ll be able to keep my “post-a-day” promise to myself.  I’ll fill y’all in on what’s happening as soon as I know.

Up to my eyeballs in auditions!

Sorry folks but there won’t be a long post tonight.  Our local Community Theatre is getting ready for a new production and tonight was audition night.

I was there as the technical director looking over the hopefuls because there’s a lot of special makeup and costume notes that needed to be made.  I wanted to be sure to have a good idea of the folks we were considering before I start sketching out anything.  I loved majoring in theatre in college and still really enjoy working on any theatrical production I can get going.  It’s going to be a fun show and we’ve only got until the beginning of March to make it happen!

So, sorry again!  But I’m sure something will be getting me on a rant or a remembrance soon.  Heck, a new episode of Hoarders is coming on and that’s always good to go!

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