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100th Post!

I’m actually stunned I made it this far.  If this were a television show, they’d have a big cake and a special episode.  If this were a birthday, I’d get a letter from the Governor, Senators, and possibly even the President.  If this were an anniversary, it would be covered on all channels, both cable and network, in one way or another.

On the other hand, I always knew I’d get this far.  Yes, having ADD makes it difficult to keep myself focused and I can always find something else to do instead of sitting here and typing something.  However, also having OCD makes me get up and type at least a little something every day because I can’t stand the thought of having a date without a post.  That just wouldn’t be organized and I’d never forgive myself.  Of course, if the reason were something I couldn’t control — severe illness, natural disaster, death — then I could cope with it but would still be disappointed.

So, what have I done to make this event special?  Nothing, really.  I took a nice nap today.  I did the special effects makeup for my friend again.  I watched tonight’s episode of Mythbusters where they tried square wheels on a truck.  I think they needed a four-wheel drive truck, but no one asked me.  The episode of Unchained Reaction (theme = flight) is boring….again.  I don’t really see the show going for another season, but there’s already worse crap on TV so what do I know?

I’m looking forward to watching the National Geographic special with James Cameron about the Titanic.  Yes, I know it’s the 100th anniversary of the sinking.  Yes, I know the movie was hideously long and all you really needed was the last third of the movie where the ship hits the iceberg and the sinking.  There was a Broadway musical made about Titanic and I’ve never seen it.  I don’t think I will either because I can’t imagine what the songs would be.  “Glub, Glub, Glub!  This water is cold!” or “Are You Getting My SOS?”  Even Cameron said that his pitch for the movie was “Titanic plus Romeo and Juliet.”  I don’t remember teenage suicide in Titanic but  if you’re going to try to cram a love story into a disaster, it’s better to go big or go home.

Time to plant myself in front of the television and become one with the couch.  Let me rephrase that — become one with the loveseat.  The couch has already claimed its first victim of the night.  Better poke Husband so I’ll be able to hear the show without having it turned-up so much that it annoys the neighbors across town.


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