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50 Shades of I’m Tired of Hearing About It!!

O.M.G, people!! What is up with all the 50 Shades crap? I’ve seen people going on-and-on about how awful it is, how wonderful it is, how freeing it is, how humiliating it is, etc. ad nauseum. Some are trying to put together secret viewing groups so that they and their friends can go see the movie but not be recognized by *gasp!* someone who’s opinion of them matters more than any enjoyment or disgusting feelings they’ll get from admitting they actually went to see it or read the books. Then there are those who are shouting from the mountaintops that the movie is a glorification of abuse and such sin that no one has seen in millennia and basically that they and the generations of children that follow them will all be permanently scarred. Every now and then, I see a post or an article from someone who just wants to have fun and watch a mindless movie without being judged.

Here’s my take on this (just in case you were wondering). There’s a fabulous line in the movie Sunset Boulevard that states “It’s fun to see just how bad bad writing can be.” It was with that in mind that last year I read the 50 Shades series. “Bad” is putting it mildly. Not “bad” as in evil, disgusting, sinful, whatever you define it. It’s “bad” as in the author has no real concept of how to complete proper sentence structure and people like me would find themselves more concerned over correcting grammar than being able to “get into” a story line. And if you’re looking for a plot you’re definitely in the wrong place. Yes, there is a storyline to follow, but no real depth or intrigue to keep a reader from putting the book down or, say, start a bonfire with it. I have the electronic versions so the fire was, unfortunately, out of the question without losing a nice piece of technology.

As for the movie, I’ll probably watch it sometime.  Like when it comes on one of the streaming services where I don’t have to pay for it. Because bad writing should only have to be paid for once.  And I think that’s something people are forgetting about the movie — many of the sales of the books were because someone heard someone else talk about it or they were just curious and bought it.  The huge numbers of sales does not necessarily mean that everyone who bought it liked it.  Large sales doesn’t not actually mean success. And the actors in the movie probably never read the books before auditioning. Why? Because they don’t have time and need a job. When you’re always looking for work, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you’re doing — it’s a paycheck and a way to advance your career. You’d rather be doing that than living hand-to-mouth for another year hoping you can become “Oh no, we can’t afford cable” broke instead of “Oh no, we can’t afford food” broke.

Plus, it’s an R-rated movie, not NC-17 or AO or X or any of the other “horrible” ratings. If you’re willing to see an R-rated horror movie, sci-fi, drama, or comedy then what’s the difference? Just because the characters in the book do WAY more than you’d be able to see in an R-rated movie doesn’t mean I’ll go blind from seeing it. Guess what? There’s still pornographic movies being made! Real ones! Yeah! And don’t act like that’s an alien concept — I’ve personally found the people who usually vehemently deny EVER watching an X-rated movie or reading a nudie magazine are the ones who own more of them than anyone else in the room. If I was looking for something to titillate or scandalize myself or my friends, the Internet and adult book/video stores are filled with more examples than you can imagine. And if you can imagine it, it’s probably already on video.

This isn’t a slam against those who feel that they shouldn’t watch the movie or read the books because of their religious background, moral leanings, or anything else.  It is, however, more of a “please-quit-telling-people-how-to-live-their-lives” posting.  If I’m over 21 (or 18 in areas where that’s the age of majority) I can make my own decisions.  Yes, I respect your opinions just so long as you respect mine.  No amount of bashing people upside the head with fears that the whole world will come to an end if some guy gets a minor erection or a woman begins to fantasize about being blindfolded by her lover during the showing of this movie is going to really change any minds.  And, yes, I know there’s more than that in the books.  Remember, I actually read them.  And I’m still here.  And nothing has changed.

So, if you want to see the movie, go see it.  If you don’t, then don’t.  How much simpler can it be?


Youngest Son in deep doo-doo tonight!

Teenagers.  They think they know it all.  They think that they’re the first person to ever think of or do something in the history of everything.  They believe they’re invincible, physically and emotionally, and that they can do what they want, when they want, how they want, and that parents will never know the difference.

They’re wrong, of course.  Dead wrong.  Really wrong.  Absolutely wrong.  Hysterically wrong, even.

And just as I was about to post on my blog that nothing of any interest happened today other than hours and hours of rain, thunder, and lightning, I saw it.  I went to my Facebook account to see what my family/friends have been up to over the past few hours and enjoy some pleasant entertainment.  Little did I know that I would be seeing things — suggestive photos, offensive phrases, etc. — in my news feed.  Not from my adult friends, but from Youngest Son.

I loudly yelled for him to come into where the family computer is and asked him what in his little head thought that posting or liking these items was appropriate.  He denied clicking on one but said that the second photo was funny.  He’d only looked at the top of the photo and didn’t see the graphic imagery in the bottom.  He also had “liked” a page about a cartoon character that I reviewed and found every-other post had something offensive, or at least inappropriate for a teenager, in them.  And this wasn’t for a cartoon character designed for adults (i.e. Family Guy, The Simpsons, anything from “Adult Swim,” etc.).  This was for a kids’ cartoon show — so obviously this was not an authorized page.

He’d finally earned between 5 and 10 minutes of Internet time to check his emails and Facebook page without us having to stand directly over him.  Guess what’s happened to that?

I made sure to post on his page using his account (since I don’t allow my children to have Internet accounts for which I don’t have password access) so that all of his “friends” would see the new rules.  Any future inappropriate posts by him will be deleted and any inappropriate posts to his page by his “friends” will be deleted and reported to Facebook.  And the “friendship” just might be terminated as well.

I respect his privacy as a person by allowing him to do those things which need to be done in private behind closed doors (bathing, dressing, etc.).  But, as his parent, I assert my ability to check on anything he has or brings into the house to ensure that it is deemed appropriate for a teenager and not something that we do not allow.  That includes anything “brought into” the house via the Internet.  My house; my rules.  And his older brother can attest to the fact that those rules are absolute — he got caught a few times with inappropriate items and faced consequences for it.  As long as someone is residing in my house without paying rent, their share of the utilities, and insurance, I get to see everything.  And with Husband having previously worked at one of our state’s penitentiaries, he’s very good at quickly turning-out a room to make sure nothing is hidden.

Eldest Son has tried many times to warn Youngest Son about how things are going to be as he grows up.  With the 10-year difference in their ages, Eldest Son knows what Youngest Son will be facing in school with friends and enemies alike.  He’s tried and tried to warn Youngest Son that “Mom isn’t stupid!  She will find out!  And your dad will too and if he finds out first he won’t hide it from Mom!”

Poor, poor Youngest Son.  He thinks he’s so mature.  He has no idea just how much more maturing he’s still got to do.  And he’ll be doing it without the company of a lot of friends if he doesn’t straighten his act up now.

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