Me, Myself, and the Voices in My Head

A place to ramble and maybe make some sense about a thing or two.

Day for Mothers brings voices back

I hate holidays.  Scratch that.  The only holiday I don’t really despise is Halloween.  All other holidays are over-commercialized.  You know that you’re going to spend money on costumes, candy, and makeup for Halloween but why does everyone try to guilt us into buying more crap that no one needs just because it’s a holiday?

Today is Mothers’ Day and it’s allowed us (the voices) to move forward and take over the post ’cause even though I have kids, Mothers’ Day has always been somewhat annoying.  Eldest Son sent a brief text message (just “Happy Mothers’ Day).  No call or even an email after months of no contact.  Youngest Son and Husband though did do a good job at making me feel better though.  They allowed me to sleep-in and then made lunch and bought roses for me.  Very, very appreciated it was and no overspending.  If they’re going to overspend I’d prefer that they overspend time with me during the day.  It’s better than anything they could drag home from a store.

Did call Biological Mother today.  Wished her a happy Mothers’ Day and received the same in return.  Always thought it was strange when she’d wish me a happy Mothers’ Day because I’m a mother but I’m not her mother.  I think that’s just a OCD thing.  Husband called his mother to wish her the same today.  I have no idea what she had to say because he’s the only one who talked to her.  She sent me a Mothers’ Day card (again, seems silly but that’s just me) and a note inside which thanked me for sending articles to her that I didn’t send and asking me how I spell my name (by the way, Husband and I have been married almost 17 years now).  And when I’m feeling the way I am today (and the voices are more likely to keep redirecting my concentration), it’s best I don’t talk to too many people.


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