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Mediocre Friday

Another short post this week.  If you’re a Christian, today is Good Friday.  If you’re Jewish, this is the first day of Passover.  There may be other religions that have something special on this day but since they’re not part of “The Big Three” (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) they don’t make it onto the mass-marketed calendars.

I’m not celebrating anything.  Over my many years I’ve fluctuated from being borderline evangelical and wanting to start my own “crusades” to highly agnostic and informing others that even though I believe in a god (or God or G-d, depending on your preference), it’s got way too many other things to deal with at the moment instead of my petty issues.  And I don’t prescribe a “He” or “She” to the spiritual being represented because there’s no way for anyone to know absolutely, positively for sure.  I’m pretty sure he/she/it is too busy for a chromosomal scan for Xs and Ys.  I done religious studies in many different areas and have dabbled in pagan practices as well.  Just to confuse others more, when accosted by those demanding to know my religion (mostly so they could tell me how much better theirs was than mine), I used to tell them I was a Reformed Druid.  That always put them back a step or two.  If they asked what was the difference, I replied that Druids pray to trees and Reformed Druids pray to bushes.  It was easy to get them to leave me alone after that.

And before anyone begins to castigate me because of what I’m posting, I’m not saying religion is bad.  I’m not saying that it’s good either.  That’s not for me to decide.  For many it’s what holds their life together.  For others it’s what has torn their entire world apart.  The things done for and in the name of religion or a specific deity over the centuries is just embarrassing.  Religion has a time and a place and after seeing a lot of good and bad examples from several types of them I find that “organized religion” — the type where you’re basically required to attend and mumble things on a specific day of the week towards the sky or an icon or just in some random fashion — is not for me.  In America we have freedom of religion and I’m free to get my spiritual adoration on however I see fit so long as it doesn’t impede others in their search of religious freedom.

So I wish everyone a happy and safe whatever it is you’re celebrating (or not) today.


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