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No, it’s not an April fool — Get rid of your tree!

I’m pretty sure we won’t be receiving any holiday cards from our stupid neighbors any time soon.  Or ever.  Last weekend they promised the concrete on our side of the property line and their bratty youngest kid’s tree would be moved.  As we suspected, it didn’t happen.

So, when Husband went out and confronted Mr. Stupid Neighbor about it this afternoon, Mr. Stupid Neighbor said that it wasn’t his fault that the contractor didn’t come to meet with them — while they were away on a day trip to a local tourist location.  Husband told him that the tree at least had to go today and even loaned him a shovel with which to move it.

Mr. Stupid Neighbor got upset but took the shovel and dug-up the tree.  He even filled-in the hole that was left in our yard where it had been.  That surprised us all.  I figured he’d leave the gaping hole just to try to get back at us for being right all along about the property lines.

Now the gentleman who mows our lawn doesn’t have to worry about running it over next time.  And Mr. Stupid Neighbor has learned that if he makes a deal with us, we expect it to be upheld unless we’re told about any mitigating circumstances before the deadline.

We’re no fools — and the neighbors are learning that the hard way.


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