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I want another fence

What is it with stupid neighbors who don’t understand property lines?  The same ones we’ve been having issues with still haven’t removed the concrete they poured almost two years ago that’s on our side of the line.  They also still haven’t moved their bratty kid’s tree (which isn’t growing very well — not my fault, I’ve not touched it).

Yesterday, the gentleman who mows our yard came and made sure that everything looks good for the beginning of spring.  We even found some morel mushrooms growing in part of our yard.  They’re now surrounded by decorative wire fencing so that the stupid neighbors realize that (1) they’re ours and (2) to leave them the heck alone.  I plan on using them in something nice after they get a little bigger and I don’t want their kids coming over and killing them.  Our lawn mower even made sure to trim gently around them so they wouldn’t be damaged and finished the yard by also making sure to trim around the line of marking string we stretched between the two pins denoting the property line between our house and our stupid neighbors.

Today, the stupid neighbors decided to mow their yard and promptly cut the string.  Instead of attempting to repair it or letting us know (it is our string, after all), they threw it away.  And, instead of digging-up and moving the little tree, they tried to make it better.  Husband finally went out and spoke with Mr. Stupid Neighbor and informed him that we had agreed that when spring arrived, everything would be moved/removed/etc. so that we can expand our driveway to our property line as planned.  Mr. Stupid Neighbor thought for some strange reason that we were going to sell him the strip of land his concrete is over the line and where the kid’s tree is.  He wants us to sell it to him because his property line on the other side of his house is actually inside the house on the other side of his.  He never bothered to have a survey done and never knew that he bought a crappy plot of land.

Husband explained that we were not going to sell the strip of land and Mr. Stupid Neighbor said everything would be gone within the week.  We’ll see.  But after their conversation, the bratty kids came out and were playing baseball, using our new fence as a backstop.  And they nearly tripped over the metal “fencing” I placed around my mushrooms.

Maybe I can save enough money to have another fence built on our side of the line from where our privacy fence ends all the way to the pin at the front of the house (it marks the easement of the curb owned by the City).  It wouldn’t be a big fence.  Just something nice and decorative.  Something that wouldn’t block anyone’s view if they’re pulling out of the driveway.  Something that would give the stupid neighbors the idea that we take our land/house ownership seriously and don’t want their kids or friends or vehicles or dogs in our yard unless we invite them.

And I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


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