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Dull, dull, dull: Part Deux

Another uneventful day.  I should be grateful, I guess.  Usually when my days are incredibly busy they’re not busy in a “good” way.  My job requires a natural/national disaster for me to be employed and it’s kind of embarrassing being the only person in a room cheering for a hurricane to make landfall so I can earn a paycheck and pay some bills.

I did supervise Youngest Son preparing for his friends to visit tomorrow.  There will be three teenage boys (including Youngest Son) “camped-out” on my living room floor tomorrow night watching movies and playing video games.  All of them are highly intelligent and easily bored if they’re not intellectually challenged.  Fortunately, being a parent and already having raised a child who’s now in college, I know that large amounts of soda and pizza will keep their appetites satisfied and the large library of DVDs, board games, video games, books, etc. will keep their minds entertained.  At least until the caffeine wears-off and they collapse on their sleeping bags.  I get to enjoy the “I’m not tired” protests during the evening as I remind them that they’ll have to get up the next morning and then watching them amble around the house like zombies because they believed they could stay awake all night.

There was some good news today from my Internet friends.  A “friend” of mine became a U.S. citizen today.  I only type “friend” with quotation marks because my friend, his wife, their family and I have never actually met.  We’re all fans of RiffTrax (from the creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000 — that’ll be another post someday) and we along with a LOT of other people have become friends over the Internet.  But I’m very proud of his achievement.  I have another “friend” in that group who became a citizen as well.  I’m not collecting non-citizens and converting them, but I’m glad of their choice to join our great experiment and now they’ll be able to become disgruntled with their government representation just like the rest of us.

Well, at least I posted today.  Some days it’s harder to think of a topic or something worth reading.  I’m pretty sure by the time this weekend is over I’ll have good subjects.  Oh, and Presidents’ Day has already been writing itself, so be sure to come back that day!


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