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The Battle of the Pets: Winter Edition, Day 2

Well, we didn’t get the snow or rain they forecast yesterday.  The weatherpersons in our area have decided that it will be tonight/tomorrow that it shall arrive.  Actually, today is much nicer outside than it was yesterday — that always gives me an awful feeling of wintery foreboding.  I’d blame my knee hurting on the impending snow, as it usually does, but it’s still hurting from the reenactment back in January.  Maybe I should get a professional to look at it sometime.

Anyway, this afternoon after running our errands and fighting the crowds of people in the grocery aisles who believe that any weather forecast for a single snowflake means they should go and stock-up on bread, milk, Pop-Tarts, and beer like it’s the coming apocalypse, we decided to allow the dogs to play in the backyard for a while.  Since it is warmer today they both were much happier frolicking around and chasing the football Youngest Son would throw towards them.  Husband commented that he was stunned at how quickly Celeste could run and what sharp turns she made.  I told him that he’d just never seen her at her playtime enough to get to watch her dig those extra dewclaws Beaucerons have into the ground and make her spin on a dime.  Large divots and ruts began to appear in the moist soil from her high-speed turns as she raced Harley for the ball.  Poor Harley, being a Schnoodle, has Schnauzer-like front legs which gets her really running but is stuck with the stick-like Poodle back legs that don’t give her a lot of balance when turning quickly.  Or the ability to walk on snow well — they just poke right through and her belly freezes.  Celeste is also a massive 85-pound dog designed for herding and running in the mountains of France, so she’ll outrun Harley who’s a lot younger any day — regardless of weather, terrain, or treat waiting at the finish line.

Oh, allow me to digress for a moment.  I’m sure some of you are wondering why I put the Pop-Tarts and beer in the list of things to stock-up on before a storm.  Yes, I know you read it and thought it was there just to be funny or tried to skip-over it but still wonder what it has to do with anything.  I can’t find a copy of the report I read at the moment, but after Hurricane Katrina there was a survey done of the items that sold-out the fastest in the New Orleans area before the hurricane made landfall.  Items number one and two were beer and Pop-Tarts.  No kidding.  You don’t have to cook Pop-Tarts, so I assume that’s why they made the list.  Beer was for all the landfall parties that ended up not going quite the way they planned.  So, there — a little trivia for you.  Now back to our regularly sponsored blog post.

After the dogs ran themselves silly I brought them back inside the house.  I figured they’d each find a place on the recently-mopped hardwood floor or my new area rugs to crash.  Nope.  They’re still wandering around the house, just like little kids who get wound-up on sugar or a good does of fresh air and sunshine.  Celeste is still hunting for Cat but having no luck finding her.  We were gone for a few hours, so Cat got quite the head-start on hiding today.

I will say that I was very impressed at the big box mart when we were shopping over how many people were respectful of Celeste’s job as a service dog.  I heard many more people telling their kids to not pet and trying to keep them out of the way when we were passing through.  No drive-by pettings that I noticed, anyway.  One young man, about age 8 or 9, had his hands full taking milk back to where his parents were.  He walked past Celeste, making sure not to touch her at all, and said, “What a very nice dog you have, ma’am.”  I thanked him and waved at the parents when he got back to them.  I had many other people come up and ask if she was a German Shepherd or a Doberman or both.  I quickly explained that those breeds came from the Beauceron and was met with many “ooohs” and “aaahs” from interested people.  Celeste kept watching everyone and making sure no one snuck up on me.

We were in one aisle and suddenly a lady with a thick German/Eastern European accent came up and started not quite yelling but really raising a fuss about Celeste.  I couldn’t quite understand what she was saying and since she came from behind me, I couldn’t hear her very well. (I have a hearing problem where if I can’t see your lips, I can’t understand you as clearly.)  It sounded something like, “Dog, very scared, danger” or “Dog, scare me, danger.”  Regardless, I have no idea where she came from ’cause we’d not passed her nor were we approaching her.  If she wanted to run across the store to yell at me, she could at least have made sure I heard her.  When I turned to face her, she ran away and we didn’t see her again.  Everyone in the aisle was stunned.  I shrugged, gave Celeste a pat on the head, and everyone went on about their business.

So, that’s the big excitement for the day.  I’m sure they’ll run around outside again later and keep searching for Cat all evening.  Tomorrow night I’m going to watch the Westminster Dog Show — Celeste’s “niece” (for lack of a better term) Chaumette is going to be there.  She was one of the top-five Beaucerons to be invited this year.  Last year, Chaumette (who’s three months younger than Celeste), En Theos (another Beauceron that’s now a service dog), and Elias (also a service dog and specialized as a gluten-sniffing dog) all appeared at Westminster.  Celeste received her championship and Rally Novice titles a few years ago, so she’ll sit with us watching the show on TV.  We’ll be cheering all the Mes Yeux Vigilants dogs!!


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