Me, Myself, and the Voices in My Head

A place to ramble and maybe make some sense about a thing or two.

Feeling like death-on-toast lets “voices” speak.

Yay!!  Jackie’s feeling under the weather today, so we get to write!!

Who are “we,” you ask?  “We” are the “voices” from her head, and we’re all trying to figure out what to post.

There are lots of things going on — rehearsals for the Community Theatre play; getting the new fence constructed; dealing with the new neighbors behind the house with a pack of dogs that won’t shut up — and that’s just the short list!

However, she’s a smart cookie and has taken her medication for the day plus a flu-fighting kicker.  “We” are still busy with our lists, arguments, worries, etc.  But she’s got a comfy couch and blankets to curl up with which allows sleep to shut us up for a little bit.

This post is just being placed here ’cause “we” convinced her that she could do this and mistakenly promised that as long as she would be able to type somewhat legibly, “we” would help keep the posts coming.  “We” forgot that the laptop works in the bedroom, too….an oversight we stupidly made.

Ooh!!  Puppy Bowl advertisement on TV!!  That’s always cute (though Jackie will deny it) but it won’t be as much fun as the Super Bowl tomorrow.  Gotta make sure she’s ready for the game tomorrow.  Youngest Son is practicing his trumpet.  Husband already did grocery shopping and dealt with the dogs when they barked at someone coming up the drive unannounced.  Now he’s doing laundry.  Harley is laying the in the floor and Celeste is staring at “us” like it’s a mortal sin that “we” are posting online.  And Cat is….well….she’s being Cat and staying away from everyone.

And now Celeste is really starting to stare so “we” are going to go for now.  Nice doggie….putting the laptop away….


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