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Getting ready for the strike!

Many people have been following the SOPA/PIPA anti-piracy bills that have been threatening to be passed in Congress recently.  Even though the President “says” he’s opposed to it and wouldn’t sign a law like that, I still trust him and any other politician as far as I could throw them.

So, in solidarity with other organizations who believe that censorship on the Internet is a bad thing and that there’s a better way to solve the issues, this blog will be joining-in the Stop SOPA/PIPA Strike.  There will be information posted here where you can find out more about the movement and how to help.

Here’s an article you can read today about what’s going on and what websites you can expect to see blacked-out tomorrow:

It might be the last time I can copy/paste a link like that.  And, sure, it may not be the best article there is — but it will do for now.

See y’all again on Thursday!

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