Me, Myself, and the Voices in My Head

A place to ramble and maybe make some sense about a thing or two.

Day 9: No post for you!

Geez….only 9 days into this thing and I’m stuck again.  Well, actually not stuck — my “voices” have decided to start arguing at night when I’m trying to go to sleep.  Each one brings up an idea for something great to write about or something that I should probably get off my chest.  Then I have the reminder “voices” that pester me about things I need to or should be doing instead of writing.  They don’t realize that they’re wrong, actually, because I should be writing since this is what’s supposed to be helping me feel better.  However, I’ve learned not to argue with them too much because they’re the ones that flip a manic day into a depressive one in a nanosecond and then I spend the rest of the day/week trying to explain to Husband and Youngest Son that it’s in no way their fault that I’m in the funk that doesn’t let me do much.

So, I’m not going to sit and try to really work-up something awesome.  I’ve been enjoying that my posts have been becoming more and more popular recently.  But there are things that need to be done and things I want to do as well as a lot of stuff I don’t need to do but I’m going to anyway.  Like taking a nap, or playing a videogame other than from the Lego series.  Or taking a nap because I’m not getting to sleep at night with the “voices” arguing until the wee hours of the morning.  Maybe I’ll take a nap just because I can.  Who’d have thought when I was a kid and hated having to take them that naps would become a favorite pastime of mine??

Oh, and tonight is the first night of auditions for our local community theatre’s upcoming production.  There will be a few posts, I’m sure, after the auditions are over and the rehearsals begin.  Always good material when you’re getting ready for a show!

So, short story long, there’s nothing to see here.  Clear off!  Go read some of the other posts I’ve written that you’ve not perused yet!  My brain and I are off for a bit of rest.


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